Install Cinema Box For iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch without Jail Breaking

Cinema Box For iPhone If you are a movie buff who enjoys watching movies on their iOS devices like iPad and iPhone and tablets then there is an amazing entertaining app launched by play box. it is none other than Cinema Box. The recent version has come with some good changes in it as is launched as ‘Cinema Box’. You can easily get Cinema Box on your iPhone device and can enjoy seamless movies too. But, you will not be able to download and get the Cinema box on Apple store. No issues, you can easily get it by following easy and quick download and installation steps. You can also download and install this app on your iPhone and tablet and enjoy watching free movies, that to totally uninterrupted. You can also AirPlay your favourite movies on your big screen and can have a blast with your friends on weekend nights and get together.


Cinema Box is an amazing app which will help you to download and stream free HD movies and TV shows of your choice and that too without paying a single penny. Your favorite TV shows and HD movies can be watched on iOS devices of your choice. Cinema Box is highly trending and it is considered as one of the best substitutes for top movie apps like Moviebox, Showbox, Playbox etc. The download and installation of this amazing Cinema Box is extremely easy. Check out the guide on install cinema box for android pc.

Features of Cinema Box for iOS Devices like iPhone, iPad etc

Below are some cool features of Cinema Box for iphone App. All these interesting features make it most preferred app to watch movies and TV shows all the iOS device like iPhone , iPad etc.

1. All your favorite movies and TV shows can be enjoyed on your respective iOS Devices, the best part is that it is totally free of cost.

2. HD Cinema App has the huge collection of all the latest and old movies and TV shows. You can enjoy watching them in HD.

3. The cool part about Cinema Box App is that the user interface is extremely friendly and easy to use.

4. All the movies, TV shows are easily accessible from the app.

5. You can make use of special search bar features too, which will help you to find your favourite movies and TV shows.

6. Cinema Box App allows you to enjoy movies and Favourite shows in regular or full HD quality, it entirely depends on the speed of your internet connection.

7. It allows you to select your preference to watch movies or TV shows online or you can also download and watch it later.

8. The amazing part is that you will be able to find videos, movies and TV shows of almost all the genres.

9. You can easily navigate your video and it has many features which help you to play different scenes in the particular video file.

10.The great feature about this Cinema Box for iphone app is that it has the size of only 10 megabytes, so it will not occupy huge space too.

11. You can enjoy watching the movies in various formats like 720p and 360p.

12. You can also create a playlist of all your favourite movies and add videos to it.

13. Cinema Box app is totally safe to use.

14. The best part about the Cinema box app is that it get updated every day with new videos and movies.

15. You can also enable the kid’s mode which makes ensures that children are watching the desired filtered videos only.

16. It provides subtitles in almost all the languages.

17. You can also easily download movies and play them offline as per your choice using Cinema Box app.

18. Another best feature of Cinema Box is that it provide absolute compatibility with the chrome, in short, it will allow you to stream your online movies on your big screens too. You can enjoy watching all your favourite movie on big screen, it will give a theatrical effect. It is the best choice for an amazing weekend with friend and family.

19. Another added the advantage of Cinema Box is that the developers of this amazing app always updates all the connect on daily basis for their users. They are considered about the liking of users.

Download and Install Cinema Box For iPhone to the iOS device Without Jailbreaking

Step 1 The initial step is to sign out from the iTunes & App Stores. To do that you need to go to Settings>> iTunes and App stores >> Apple ID>> sign out.

Step 2: Next step is to open the Safari browser and download Cinema Box.

Step 3: After the download is completed then you need to tap on the install option.

Step 4: You will find a pop-up box which you need to click on the install option in order to begin the installation.

Step 5: It will take few minutes for the installation to get completed.

Step 6: You will see a pop-up to sign into your iTune or app store. You need to tap on Cancel button here.

Step 7: Once all the steps are successfully done, then you can enjoy all your favourite movies on our iOS devices.

Step 8: If you are finding difficulty in log into your iTunes & app store. You can wait for 10-15 minutes and retry it.
Once the Cinema Box app is downloaded successful, you will be able to see the app on the home screen, tap on the app and then enjoy watching all your favourite movies and TV shows for free of cost.

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Conclusion :

Hope by following this step, it was easy for you to download and install the Cinema Box on your desired iOS devices like iPhone and iPads etc. If you have any problem during the entire download and installation process then feel free to share it with us on the below-provided comment box. Hope you are able to enjoy and watch your favourite movies, Cartoon, and TV shows. You can watch all the movies of your favourite genre without paying a single penny only on cinemabox for iPhone .


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